Troy Burnett

Troy Burnett

SuperHero Power

Brawny, walking encyclopedia & schlepper of heavy things.

Weapon/Spell of choice

Manjushri’s Sword of Wisdom.

Pronouns: He/ His

Troy is the ass for my saddle.

Imagine Mr. Clean with a camera and 30+ years of advanced education and you’ve got Troy.

Troy graduated with a PhD in geography and economics from UCLA. He moonlights from his day job as a professor of geography at Mount Royal University to complete the husband part of the Burnett Photography team.

Troy is “awesome” and that’s a good thing because I can’t fire him.

Troy has a long list of accomplishments to his name—

He loves to answer questions about the region while we are shooting so feel free to ask away.

Be warned, however, he may test you at the end.

Troy is one of those people who is amazing at everything he does. But don’t get me wrong—I’m the brains & talent of this operation!!!

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