Shirleen Burnett

Shirleen Burnett

Banff wedding photographer, Shirleen Burnett at work at a Rimrock Hotel wedding.

SuperHero Power

Showing you your inner gorgeousness, then capturing it in your pictures.

Weapon/Spell of choice

Energizing Sphere of Euphoric Optimism.

Pronouns: She/Her

Me in a nut shell:

Appreciating the beauty of life, being happy, relaxed, a bit irreverent and endlessly optimistic, is a big part of who I am.

Being a photographer is not a “job” to me. It’s my passion.

Photography fascinates me in every way. I have a totally nerdy side that loves all the technical details: the cameras, lighting equipment, software and computer programs. I eat it up! It’s the tools of my poetry.

The Two Events That Most Shaped My Life in 144 words.

I grew up in a family of modest income. We didn’t have professional portraits taken. I’m sure my parents were struggling to simply make ends meet. Unfortunately, my dad was not to last long in this world. He passed away from cancer at the age of 47. I have one photo of him that was taken by a professional, the rest are a sorry assortment of crappy snapshots. He looks great in that photo. To me, he is that photo. It is the image that comes to my mind when I think of him.

Flash forward 15 years in my life. My sister, Jo-Anne, was diagnosed with cancer too.

Do you know what my mother did?

For the first time in her life, she booked a professional portrait session for our family. The images that photographer made are beautiful.

Jo-Anne died 2 years later.

What do you think those pictures are worth to us today?


Do not underestimate the value of beautiful images in your life.

Selfies are fun and snapshots have their place, but there are certain unrepeatable times in your life when you will be glad that you did—or wish that you had —invested in the skills of a talented photographer.

Your wedding day is one of them. Don’t mess it up going cheap on your photographer. Hire from your heart and you won’t be disappointed.

The pictures of your life and family will be one of your greatest treasures EVER.

I understand this, so I bust my ass to make sure that the pictures I create for you are worthy—that they evoke powerful, nostalgic emotions when you see them, be the first things you grab if your house is on fire and the things your children will fight over having when you are old & gray.

That’s what goes through my mind when making pictures for you and your loved ones on your wedding day, in a portrait session, pretty much whenever I am holding my camera.

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