Isis Burnett

Isis Burnett

Banff Photographer, Isis Burnett

SuperHero Power

Teen Spirit

Weapon/Spell of choice

Critical Tongue Lash.  (+10 against her parents!)

Pronouns: She/ Her

Isis is named after an Egyptian Goddess.  Need I say more?

She is fluent in French, English and currently working on Spanish.  A lover of chickens, Japanese anime, scuba diving and food.

Isis is a hard-core critic of my photography and pushes me to improve my craft in ways only a smart-assed teenage daughter can.  You can be sure that Isis is working for your best interests as she looks over my shoulder while I edit and makes biting  comments like “I’ve seen better” or “Really, mom?”  Impressing her is harder than winning an award with some of the best international competitions in the world. I know I’ve arrived when she smiles and give me an enthusiastic thumbs up.

With such high standards, I know we can expect amazing things from this gal in the future. Until then, she carries my gear and holds lights!

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