Spectacular Summer Wedding in Canmore

Spectacular Summer Wedding in Canmore

Jaclyn & Andrew’s Mountain Wedding at Beautiful Quarry Lake in Canmore, Alberta.

Jaclyn and Andrew pledged themselves to each other in a scenic meadow filled with wildflowers just above Quarry Lake in Canmore on July 22,2016.  Locals of the area know that it has been a wet summer, but that Saturday the rain did not fall.  The sky, dark and dramatic, held its peace.

The ceremony was officiated by Canmore local wedding commissioner Pam Barrett  who smiled and laughed almost as often as the bride.  Indeed Jaclyn looked stunning as she made her way across the wide, green field towards the gathering of loved ones. She was escorted by her father, who wore an enormous smile himself, when he wasn’t dabbing at the moisture in his eyes.

The newlyweds read letters they had written for each other.  There were more tears and smiles until Pam officially announced them husband and wife.

Our portrait tour began in the meadow and continued to some of the many lovely vistas found in the area.

The reception was held in the Banquet Room of the Day Lodge at the Nordic Center and catered by Mountain Events Catering Group.  Jaclyn and Andrew opened the celebration with their first dance, and the evening continued with some warm speeches, chorus line dancing, the shoe game and a very civil cake cutting.

Congratulations Jaclyn & Andrew!