Romantic marriage proposal in Banff National Park

Romantic marriage proposal in Banff National Park

Sebastian’s romantic marriage proposal to Brenda took place on a secluded bridge in the forest of the Fenlands Trail in the Banff National Park.

Steeped in enchantment and surrounded by natural beauty, Brenda made his dreams come true with one simple word, “yes”.

One of the best perks of being a wedding photographer is experiencing the emotional impact and intensity of some of the greatest moments in a person’s life.  

This was not lost on me or Kaitlyn, our newest member of the Burnett Photography team, as we hid in the forest waiting for Sebastian to arrive and the excitement to begin.

Finding creative, unique and meaningful ways to propose to your loved one is a daunting task.  

Sebastian had reached out to me months prior looking for a photographer who could capture the moment and seeking advice on where might be the best place to propose in Banff.   Not being from the area, he wanted to take advantage of Banff’s beauty and propose to Brenda while they were here on business. He was concerned about the weather, always an issue in the mountains, and crowds, especially since their visit was during the weeks of spring break.  

Privacy was important to him.  He was looking for a place that would be intimate and quiet, but didn’t want to sacrifice the views that make the Banff area so spectacular.

We messaged back and forth with ideas and suggestions until we put together a plan and location that seemed just right.  I met with Sebastian on location the day beforehand to work out the kinks— a lesson I learned well on another job where we almost photographed the wrong couple! (Read about that crazy adventure here.) 

It was Sebastian’s first time in Banff and he was beaming ear-to-ear, wide-eyed and awe-struck at how beautiful it is.

“I love these mountains!”, he kept telling me. “I want them to be in the pictures.”

 Unfortunately, the forecast was calling for rain and we did not have an alternative date to reschedule. It was GO TIME regardless of what Mother Nature provided.  

We walked around the woods, looking for alternative locations in case the rain was heavy.  I can’t control the weather, but I can make some magic happen in Photoshop.

I was going to give Sebastian his mountains one way or another.  With plan A, B and C in place, we parted ways and hoped for the best.

The next day, the weather did not disappoint.

Sebastian and Brenda had a perfect day.

We watched from our hiding places as Sebastian lead her down the trail to the bridge where we had made a heart from sticks and moss, detritus, dirt, pinecones, candles and 4 dozen roses for her.

He got down on one knee.

She fell into his arms.

The rest is history.

Thank you, Sebastian and Brenda, for sharing so special a moment with us.  

We loved every minute of it!


Shirleen & Kaitlyn