Proposal Along the Bank of the Bow

A proposal in Banff

I just love to share romantic stories of how our clients—and forever afterwards good friends!—propose to their loved ones.

This story begin with a call from Jeff. “It’s time.” is all he said to me as we brainstormed ideas for his perfect proposal.

Nicole loves horses, so a horseback ride with Banff Trail Riders seemed a great start. He envisioned  a romantic picnic set up somewhere by the river. He wanted to take a short walk with Nicole and stumble upon the scene, drop to his knee before she got suspicious and ask her to marry him. 

Done & done.

Paul worked with me to set up a lovely picnic at a private location we had found right by the stables.  Mt. Rundle dominated the view, the river flowed by lazily. birds chirped. It was perfect.

Enter Jeff and Nicole.  She kept urging him to leave the picnic site alone thinking they were trespassing on somene’s intimate lunch. Little did she realize she was that “someone”.

Jeff dropped to his knee and the rest is history.

Done & done.

Nice job, Jeff!  You guys are adorable.  Thank you for including us in this special memory.  I’ll never walk by the Banff stables without thinking of you two again.


Shirleen Burnett