Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal is a coveted dream and David hit this one right out of the park!

It had been a dream for both David and Emily to visit the beautiful Banff National Park. David had contacted me months previously to plan the perfect proposal.  His cover story was simple as they had already talked about hiring a professional photographer to capture some portraits of them while in the majestic mountains. We would have Emily turn her back to David and face the camera while he dropped to one knee and waited for her to turn around so he could propose. Simple, right?  What could go wrong?

What David didn’t realize was that while he was planning a proposal session with me, Emily had hired a photographer herself.  The rest of the story involved some serious subterfuge in which Kaitlyn changed her name and I was left pretending to be an unassuming bystander! (I’ll forego the full story to protect the innocent… as well as the guilty.)

All’s well that end’s well, however. Emily was both caught off guard and delighted. 

We continued the evening with champagne and a canoe ride despite some serious wind and just a little bit of rain. Nothing upset this happy newly engaged couple.

David and Emily, you are lovely to the core.  Thank you for an unforgettable evening and all our best for many years of happiness.


Shirleen Burnett