Moraine Lake Wedding Proposal

Beautiful fall themed arrangement by Willow Flower Company

Photographing surprise wedding proposals usually involves a good deal of secrecy, hiding in bushes and not being seen. Tyler’s Moraine Lake wedding proposal was a little out of the ordinary…

Moraine Lake is one of the most beautiful locations in all of the Canadian Rockies.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world. As such, it’s no surprise that it’s often very crowded.  Having seen the iconic view in so many pictures, Tyler had his heart set on proposing marriage to his girlfriend, Savannah, at Moraine Lake.  

The only obstacle in his way, was the fact that the road to Lake Moraine is closed through the winter and “winter” in Canada can last right up until June!  Tyler was visiting from Southern California and didn’t expect that a “winter” road closure would be a problem in late May!

We went ahead and made our plans, hoping for the best and having the flexibility to change locations should the road not open in time for his visit.  As the date approached, I received several emails.  Tyler must have been tired of reading, “not yet.”  However, luck was with us, and the road to paradise opened a mere 2 days before his arrival.

I was concerned that the area would be swarming with other visiters who were equally as anxious to see this famous lake.   I warned Tyler that he may have quite the peanut gallery watching him when he got down on his knee to propose.  Tyler was an easy going fella.  He didn’t care.  

When the time came, the relentless stream of tourists that flooded the little valley, fell away in their minds, and it was just each other that Tyler & Savannah had eyes for.  The best part of all, for Troy & myself, was that we didn’t even need to hide in any trees or bushes.  We blended right in with all the other camera touting tourists!

Thank you, Tyler, for trusting us with your Moraine Lake marriage proposal dream.  It was an honor to be a part of such a very special moment.  I hope your wedding planning is smooth sailing and your days ahead all you dream them to be.


Shirleen Burnett