Lake Moriane Engagement Session

Lake Moriane Engagement Session

Lake Louise is ridiculously beautiful. Lake Moraine is even more so!

Lake Louise photographers have their jobs made easy by the perfect mountain backdrops found here.   In good weather or bad, the views always have something to offer.

Today, it is perfect.   There is a sky so blue that it’s hard to believe it is real.  The sun is shining on the lake creating millions of tiny reflections, which sparkle like diamonds in the water.

Troy and I are here with Crystal & Rob who will be getting married in Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba at the end of the year.  We are shooting their engagement portraits today and between the stunning scenery and this fun loving, good looking,  couple our time here is sure to be a success.

I love having the opportunity to shoot an engagement session with our clients.  It a great way to break the ice before the wedding day.   The stress of the wedding is still at bay and we can get to know Crystal & Rob in a more care-free, relaxed environment.  The friendship we develop during this session will help make the wedding day go more smoothly.  We will already know their likes and dislikes and have a good idea of how they react in front of the camera.   Will they be shy, feel awkward or do they relish the attention and run with it like pros?  The challenge of taking a couple who have never been professionally photographed and coaxing out their inner model is rewarding for everyone and a big part of what the engagement session is all about.  Of course, we want to create incredible pictures, but we also want Crystal and Rob to have fun.

Charlie—Crystal & Rob’s adorable yellow lab puppy— came along to make everything that much more perfect.

I LOVE animals.  Any chance I get to include them in a photo shoot is always welcome.  Charlie is all limbs and paws, drool and excitment!  His level of enthusiasm is unmatched as a model, although he doesn’t follow my directions very well!  What can you expect from a 6-month-old puppy but a dash of well-intentioned chaos?  I say: bring it!

The 3 hours goes by ridiculously fast.  It always does.  When consulting with a couple, I often find myself reassuring them that 3hr. is a good amount of time to make the images they desire, especially if they want to go to several different locations.  And there are so many incredible locations for photo shoots.  People come from all over the world to get married here.  Crystal & Rob couldn’t believe that it was time to end our session.  They had so much fun it went by fast.

As they say, it’s good to leave ’em wanting more!

I hope you enjoy the images from Crystal & Rob’s session.  

Troy and I are excited & honored to be photographing Rob & Crystal’s winter wedding in Cuba at the end of the year.  Stay tuned for more!