How to Get married at moraine lake by Lake Louise photographers, Burnett Photography

Wedding photography at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake by wedding photographers, Troy and Shirleen Burnett of Burnett Photography.

Wedding portraits through all weather in beautiful Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

Shooting wedding portraits can be challenging enough without going through 4 seasons in one day! That’s par for the course here in Alberta, Canada where if you don’t like the weather one minute, just wait a few more.

What started out as a muggy, hot summer evening in the mid 30’s C at Lake Louise, finished in the low single digits at the top of the Rockpile at Moraine Lake.

Our couple, Olivia and Steve,  where real troopers.  They had just arrived from Ottowa where they had an intimate wedding with their immediate friends and family adhering to Covid-19 rules and social distancing restrictions. It was a smaller version of the wedding they had originally planned but lacked none of the pomp and circumstance.

Their wedding portraits were put on hold until 3 days later when they arrived in the beautiful Canadian Rockies of the Banff National Park to join us for a 6-hour wedding portrait tour.

Lake Louise, given the damper on tourism the Corona pandemic has caused, was less crowded than usual but still fairly busy. We found some great isolated locations as well as managed to squeeze into the prime “money” spots without incident. Everyone was happy to see the bride and groom and were very generous with allowing us time in key Lake Louise locations.

On the way to Moraine Lake, the weather took a swift turn. While it didn’t snow on us, as it has done this time of year in the past, it did aggressively rain sheets on us  while we took shelter, waiting for the squall to end while snacking on pistachios and drinking chilled white wine.

Just as we finished a glass…or 2, the skies cleared and graced us with an unforgettable sunset and layers of pink and purple alpine glow. Oh, Canada! I do love you!

Congratulations to Olivia and Steve. Thank you for coming all the way to Lake Louise to make wedding portraits with us!