Intimate wedding at the Rimrock, Banff AB

Intimate wedding at the Rimrock, Banff AB

Rob & Elaine’s Rimrock Wedding, Banff, AB

It was a soggy Monday in the second week of July when I got a call from a client whose brother -in-law was getting married that Saturday and he hadn’t booked a photographer.  She wanted to give him a wedding  photography package as a gift and wanted to know if I was available.  I hadn’t booked a wedding for that date since I knew Troy was racing in the 24hrs. of Adrenaline Mt. Bike race, so I was pleased to inform Moira that I was indeed available, albeit as a solo photgrapher.  As it turned out, it was a soggy Saturday as well.  And Troy, not being terribly excited to slog through the wet mud all night, was more than a bit jealous that I was headed to the lovely Rimrock Hotel to shoot this wedding.

I’m certain I had a better time than he!  The bride and groom, Elaine & Rob, were lovely.  Their family was precious and despite the poor weather everyone was in a great mood.

Rob & Elaine, I wish you a lifetime of happiness with each other.  I’m glad I don’t Mt. Bike race so that I was available to be a part of your wonderful day.

Moira, you are a genius.  Thank you for hiring me.

p.s. Despite losing a team member on the first lap, Troy’s team still made the podium.  But I sure he would rather have been by my side capturing these images.  😉