Hire a Pro For Your Wedding or Prepare for the Worst!

Hire a Pro For Your Wedding or Prepare for the Worst

Professional Photographers… …you need one on your wedding day!

Why gambling on an unseasoned photographer can leave you with nightmares.

The ISES Calgary chapter launched the #LookForTheLogo campaign to educate the public and potential clients at large on the importance of hiring a proven and trusted professional for your event.  A huge thank you to the prestigious International Society of  Event Specialist (ISES)  for their spotlight on Burnett Photography!

Here are 5 compelling reasons to go with a pro:

1. Experience
Your wedding day is a precious, once-in-a-lifetime event. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your photographer knows what he/she is doing is priceless! Accredited photographers have proven their mastery of photography by demonstrating their technical skills, achieving and maintaining higher levels of quality and putting in the extra work to stay ahead of  mainstream competition. They are artists in their own right who have spent a tremendous amount of time and money on their education, equipment and technical skills.

2. Consistency
In this day and age, most anyone has access to a great camera and can get a good image simply by getting lucky.  A professional doesn’t rely on luck;  they know how to achieve great results under any condition and circumstance.   From bright daylight to an almost completely dark room, through rain, snow and with only a few seconds notice, a professional has the skills and equipment necessary to adapt and get the shot right. The pictures they produce are consistent in quality and artistry. You can trust and rely on them to capture your entire wedding experience regardless of the challenges.

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3. Technical skills
Professional photographers make thousands of images.  They study a wide variety of essential skills needed to create quality work–art, lighting, posing, fashion, composition, editing, even psychology to have the personality to evoke emotion and expression and the rapport to make a person feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera. It is the combination of all these elements–and more!– that give a pro photographer the competency to create a unique style and adjust that style to your tastes. This expertise separates a lucky snapshot from a work of art you will love for a lifetime.

4. Professionalism
When you hire an accredited professional, you know you are hiring someone whose livelihood absolutely depends on their ability to provide for you products and services that exceed your expectation.  Their reputation in the industry is at stake and because of this you can rest assured that they are committed to you and your happiness!

A professional  will have their terms of business and contracts clearly defined and will be accountable for their actions.

5. Accountability
Business owners who join trade associations like Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI),  the International Society of Event Specialists (ISES), The Calgary Bridal Alliance, Wedding Industry Experts, Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada, American Photography Association, etc. must meet rigorous criteria to qualify.  They must demonstrate their experience, expertise and adhere to codes of ethical conduct and business practices to remain members.

Their participation in these trade associations are your guarantee of quality and accountability.

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