Getting Married in Banff

Getting Married in Banff

Getting married in Banff is unquestionably one of the most beautiful places to tie the knot.

Magical things happen in this beautiful national park in Banff, Alberta.

With beautiful places, however, come crowds.  After photographing weddings in Banff for so long, I’ve come to realize that newly married couples are so enraptured in the perfection of their wedding day that crowds aren’t seen as a nuisance to be avoided but a sea of supportive faces present to witness the power of their love.

When in a crowd with a bride and groom magic happens.

EVERYONE is smiling.

Normally shy or reserved people drive by honking their horns in approval and rolling down their windows to cheer on the newly weds.

Strangers give them hugs!

Their happiness is contagious and, for a moment, we all get to share in it.  Friends, family and strangers alike.

This is one of the many reasons why I love being a wedding photographer.

I could share so many touching stories with you.  Here is just one:

It was a perfect summer afternoon and I wanted to capture some images of this happy couple strolling down Main Street, Banff.  They were so relaxed and engaged in each other, they didn’t seem to mind the throngs of tourists filling every imaginable space on the sidewalk.  With traffic being heavy and crowds thick, I positioned my couple on the outside of the crosswalk so they wouldn’t get lost in the rush of people headed to the opposite side. Much to our surprise, when the light turned and they headed across the street EVERYONE stopped and applauded leaving the street clear for the lovely bride and groom to cross alone.  It was an unspoken and unexpected gift that left us all smiling.

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