Fairmont Banff Springs Weddings

Fairmont Banff Springs wedding. First Dance at the Mount Stephan's Hall by Banff photographers, Burnett Photography

Fairmont Banff Springs Weddings: A completely biased and unapologetic review!

Getting married at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a fairytale wedding experience like no other. It is hands down our favourite Banff wedding venue. If you are considering “The Castle in the Rockies” for your wedding celebration, you’ve got our enthusiastic 2 thumbs up. Troy and I are such fans of this world-class resort, we’ve devoted an entire page to this one venue. Read on and see why we believe there is no better wedding venue in the Banff National Park.

Fairmont Banff Springs is a world-class venue perfect for glamorous wedding photography!

Fairmont Banff Spring Wedding Venue. Alhambra Ballroom entrance. Bride and Groom wedding portraits.

Why Should You Listen to Me?


As local Banff wedding photographers who have been in business for over 10 years, Troy and I have photographed hundreds of weddings in Banff, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Calgary, Canmore and across B.C.  and we have yet to come across a wedding venue as grand, unique, and luxurious as the Fairmont Banff Springs.  We have shot so many elopements, weddings and portrait sessions at the FBS over the years;  we know Canada’s Castle in the Rockies like the back of our cameras! There isn’t a hallway, staircase, ballroom, backroom or even a bathroom that we haven’t explored and photographed couples in over the years.


We have been on the other side of the camera having had our own Fairmont Banff Springs wedding.  Troy and I lived in Los Angeles, CA when we were planning our destination wedding.  We were looking for an unforgettable wedding venue in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and explored just about all of the wedding venues available in Canmore, Banff, and the Lake Louise area.  When we saw the Castle, we got goosebumps! Walking into the Mount Stephan’s Hall sealed the deal. It was love at first site.  I couldn’t imagine a more romantic place for our wedding.  To this day, our wedding guests tell us our wedding was one of their favorites. A real dream wedding. Everyone was enchanted with the charming town of Banff and the historic Springs Hotel. How could you not be?  So when couples contact me and ask about Fairmont Banff Springs wedding packages, I’m thrilled.  I know from personal experience they are in for a real treat.

Mt. Stephens Hall is, IMHO, the BEST wedding venue in the Banff National Park

Banff Springs Hotel engagement portraits by Banff photographers, Burnett Photography.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Wedding: What to Expect

When I think about any Fairmont property, especially a world-class resort like the Fairmont Banff Springs, the words that most come to my mind are luxury, glamour, and old-world charm.  It is a castle after all, five-stories high, made of limestone and timber masterfully designed with a Scottish baronial aesthetic. If you’ve visited any European castles you can appreciate the uniqueness of having such a splendid building here in North America.  No offence to Cinderella’s Disneyland castle, it’s cute but… not quite the same thing.

Million Dollar View of Banff Springs Hotel from across the Bow River at Surprise Corner.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel view of hotel and details by Banff photographers Burnett Photography

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is one of Canada’s last surviving grand railway hotels. Originally developed by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1886 to accommodate luxury travel across the Canadian Rockies. It’s located deep within the majestic, snow-capped mountains of Banff National Park, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Alberta, Canada.  The Banff National Park encompasses over 6,600 square miles of the Canadian Rockies. Some of the tallest mountains in North America are in the park, including Mount Sir Douglas (11,175 feet) and Mount Columbia (11,365 feet). With its stunning mountain backdrop and historic architecture, it’s no wonder that this picturesque hotel is a world-class destination for those looking to tie the knot.

Mt. Stephens Hall decor is reminiscent of Old Word European charm

fairmont banff wedding cost

Castle in the Rockies entrance

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Wedding. Bride and Groom portraits at hotel entrance.

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding Venues

No matter your vision, planning a wedding at Fairmont Banff Springs will be a delightful experience. The Hotel offers stunning event rooms of all sizes to accommodate your needs. Many of the ballrooms feature million dollar views of the Bow Valley, valued ceilings and gothic decor  Here is a list of the most popular wedding venues available in the hotel.

1. Mount Stephen Hall

Mount Stephen Hall is the pièce de résistance of the Castle!  This is where I had my own wedding reception so, of course, I’m biased, but really…look at this place.  It’s just GORGEOUS!!! It is the most in-demand wedding venue at the hotel and arguably the most elegant venue in the entire Banff  National Park.

Castle wedding in Mt. Stephen Hall

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding ceremony in Mount Stephan's Hall. Bride and groom Recessional.

Mount Stephen Hall is intimate, yet spacious, measuring 2,304 square feet with seating for up to 120 guests. It features stunning stained glass windows, a grand fireplace, glazed marble floors, a high-vaulted ceiling with crisscrossing oak beams, wrought iron chandeliers and historic decor that will add interest and elegance to any wedding.

WARNING: The ambient light in Mt. Stephen’s Hall is challenging!  During the day, you have strong backlighting coming from the stained glass windows which can wash out details and throw the wedding couple and guests into dark silhouettes if you are not careful.  In the evening the room is lit with a warm glow from the chandeliers and wall sconces. It looks charming and romantic to be sure, but for a camera, it is not a lot of light to work with. To preserve the rich details that make this room so special, additional lighting must be added and skillfully placed.  Natural light and on-camera flash are not going to do it justice. Believe me.  I learned this the hard way with my own wedding photography. 

Be sure the photographer you choose knows how to use off-camera lighting properly or your ceremony pictures are going to be dark and disappointing!

See for yourself what expertly crafted lighting versus on-camera flash can do for your wedding pictures!

Stephens Hall crafted lighting vs. on camera flash

Photography in the Banff Springs Hotel requires sophisticated lighting to preserve the rich details that make this venue so special.

Fairmont Banff Springs Dream Wedding ceremony in Mount Stephen Hall.



(Courtesy of the Fairmont Banff Springs wedding planning page)

Cascade Ballroom at Fairmont Banff

2. Cascade Ballroom

The Cascade Ballroom is the largest event space Fairmont Banff Springs has to offer. With 5,600 square feet, the Cascade Ballroom can accommodate up to 400 seated guests. The ballroom has a vintage 1920s aesthetic featuring gold detailed ceilings, hardwood floors, and crystal chandeliers. Adjacent to the ballroom is a Conservatory with 180-degree floor-to-ceiling window views providing a spectacular view of the Bow Valley. The room can be customized to suit any wedding theme, from classic to modern, and the hotel’s experienced catering team can create a customized menu to suit any taste or dietary requirement.

Floor to ceiling windows of the Conservatory has unintetrupted views of Bow Valley

Engagement photography at Fairmont Banff Springs.Atrium by the Cascade Ballroom.

Cascade Ballroom and Conservatory as seen from the upper garden terrace

Banff Springs Hotel is a perfect wedding venue in the Banff National Park.



(Courtesy of the Fairmont Banff Springs wedding planning page)

3. Alhambra Room

This ballroom is named after the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, from where the beautifully wrought iron doors at the ballroom’s entrance were imported.

The room features Moorish-inspired decor, including intricate tile work, ornate wood carvings, double glass doors and beautiful stained glass windows.

The Alhambra Room is located on the mezzanine level of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and can accommodate up to 220 guests for a seated dinner or up to 400 guests for a standing reception. The room also has a large dance floor, making it a great choice for weddings.

In addition to its beautiful decor, the Alhambra Room also features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including a sound system, lighting system, and video projection capabilities. This makes it easy to create a memorable event that will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Alhambra Ballroom at Fairmont Banff

Alhambra Ballroom at Fairmont Banff Springs is a perfectly decadent wedding venue in Banff, AB, Canada



(Courtesy of the Fairmont Banff Springs wedding planning page)

4. Ivor Petrak Room

Named after Ivor Petrak, a former president of Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts, this room is designed to accommodate an intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest.  The room is 2025 square feet and accommodates up to 60 people. A highlight of this room is the elegant chandelier that dominates the room and jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.



(Courtesy of the Fairmont Banff Springs wedding planning page)

Wedding at Fairmont Banff Ivor Petrak Room

Ivor Petrak Room Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel offers elegance and spectacular views for intimate weddings in the Banff National Park.

Angus Room at Banff Springs perfect for an intimate elopement

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding venue, Angus Room.

5. Angus Room

In 1939, King George VI of the United Kingdom and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, went on a grand journey of Canada to promote good relations between the two countries. On May 26, the royal family spent the entire day touring the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel and the Angus Room is where the royal family dined. What is good enough for the royals should certainly be considered for your own entertainment, wouldn’t you agree?

This well-appointed room is very private and features a fireplace, decadent wood panelling, arched ceilings and floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows. It seates up to 24 people which makes it ideal for elopements.

Dining options at Fairmont Banff fit for a King and Queen!

Wedding decor at Fairmont Banff Springs Angus Room

Fairmont Banff Elopement in the Angus Room

Wedding ceremony in Angus Room Fairmont Banff Springs.

Upper Garden Terrace Fairmont

Evening couples photo shoot on the Outdoor Terrace of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.
Garden Terrace Fairmont Banff Springs weddiing portraits.

6. The Garden Terrace

If you are looking for an outdoor venue at the Fairmont Banff Springs, the Garden Terrace, also called the “Outdoor Terrace”, is the place to be. It offers spectacular mountain views of the Bow Valley and is conveniently located just outside of the Rundle Lounge.  180 people can comfortably be seated for your wedding ceremony and it’s an ideal backdrop for your formal wedding portraits.

Upper Garden Terrace at Banff Springs Hotel is perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies & portraits

Wedding party pictures on the Garden Terrace Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Exclusive Luxury Offerings at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

The hotel’s luxurious accommodations, which range from cozy guest rooms to spacious suites, provide the perfect retreat for wedding guests to relax and unwind. The hotel did not sit idle during the Covid years, but embarked on a $35 million dollar renovation of its suites and guest rooms.

You will want to check out the new stylish new collection of Fairmont Gold and Signature Suites.  Fairmont Gold guests have access to a private concierge team and a spacious lounge that is perfectly situated to showcase the resort’s million dollar view of its UNESCO World Heritage Site surroundings.

The lounge offers a daily harvest-style breakfast, evening canapés, full-service bar, snacks and beverages throughout the day.  A perfect arrangement for honeymooners who value privacy, convenience and premium service.

Speaking of privacy, can we talk about the FBS newest dining experience— the 360° Dome?

I can’t wait to do a photo shoot in this baby!  As the name implies, this is literally a see-through dome resting on the lawn of the Outdoor Terrace. It is luxuriously supplied with charming accoutrements like cozy cushions, candelabras and the cutest dining table for two. You have unobstructed views of the mountains and valley and, literally everyone within eyesight will be squirming with jealousy and wishing they were you!

Its a super memorable way to say goodbye to your family over high tea or brunch after your wedding (did someone say mimosas?) or to enjoy your first evening newly married with a seven-course chef’s tasting menu under the stars.

Bridal gown detail in newly renovated Rundle Lounge

Wedding gown hangs in the newly renovated Rundle Lounge in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Activities for You and Your Guests at Fairmont Banff Springs

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel offers a range of amenities and activities for you and your wedding guests to enjoy. The hotel features;

  • a premier spa complete with waterfalls and mineral springs
  • a fitness and aquatic center
  • a skating rink
  • horseback riding
  • a championship golf course
  •  Kid’s @ The Castle Club with signature experiences for children ages 3-12years old
  • Private tours and programs for folks of all ages and interests.

Mountain wedding photography in Banff National Park is perfect compliment to your Fairmont Banff Springs wedding.

Canoeing on Vermillion Lakes with banff photographers, Burnett Photography

What to do in Banff

The hotel is conveniently located close to a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, kayaking, canoeing and white water rafting. There are so many things to do in the area, the list goes on and on.  The friendly FBS concierge staff are knowledgeable about the area and can help you plan activities you and your guests will enjoy.

Adventure Portrait Experiences

The Banff National Park and its surroundings are bucket list locations that are some of the most stunning places you will ever visit.  It is the perfect outdoor “studio” for creating one-of-a-kind wedding portraits.

At Burnett Photography, we fully take advantage of this by specializing in inspired work that showcases you in majestic mountain scenery that will blow you away!  We offer Pre and Post-wedding adventure portrait sessions curated for your personal interests and wedding photography vision.

Whether that entails ripping down double black diamond terrain in your wedding attire at one of the premiere ski resorts in the area or something more relaxing, we will take you on a journey to remember.  The pictures you will  walk away with leave your friends drooling with envy and you swelling with pride.

Check out some of the gorgeous locations and adventure experiences waiting for you in our Portrait Adventure Guide

Lake Louise Ski Resort wedding pictures

Bride and Groom skiing at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Planning your Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding

Have I  convinced you that the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is the ideal wedding venue for a fairytale experience?

Here’s the caveat— the FBS is a venue in extremely high demand.   Your wedding must be booked up to 18 months in advance and even then there is no guarantee the date you want will be available.  If you have your heart set on the Castle in the Rockies, you must plan well in advance. Having some flexibility for your wedding date helps tremendously too.

Fairmont Banff Springs hosts hundreds of weddings each year. Book at least 18 months in advance.

Grand staircase at Fairmont Banff reception. Wedding pictures.

Fairmont Banff Springs, AB, Canada started a $35 million renovation in January 2022

Rundle Lounge Fairmont Banff Engagement photography.

Weddings at the Fairmont Banff Springs are, forgive the analogy, a well-oiled machine!  It is not uncommon in the busy summer months to have multiple weddings happening in the hotel on the same day.  This can be both a good and bad thing.

The upside is that the Fairmont event planners know what they are doing!  They can accommodate everything from an elopement for two to a grand affair and everything in between.  They can customize menus like nobody’s business and have a wealth of knowledge, resources and experience at their fingertips.

Every nook and cranny of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is gorgeous! Perfect for one-of-a-kind wedding pictures.

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding photography in Mount Stephan's Hall.

The downside to this is that the Castle, for all its grandeur, isn’t a quiet, intimate space. There are always visitors touring the facilities, events happening and people on the move. Its a dynamic place of opulence and excitement; if your looking for serenity, it may not be your perfect fit. Would it bother you to have another wedding happening on the same day as yours?  If that answer is decidedly yes! You may want to look elsewhere.

Personally, I don’t think multiple weddings happening at the same time presents a problem. The hotel is spacious with several different buildings and all manner of hidden alcoves, staircases, nooks and crannies. It’s an easy place to get lost in. There were multiple weddings happening during my own wedding day and I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t seen the signage!

The Castle is truly a dream wedding location

Wedding ceremony Mt. Stephans Hall Fairmont Banff Springs. Bride awaites her entrance.

Another potential downside I’d be remiss not to mention is the possibility of staff burnout, which could result in a “conveyer belt” feel to your wedding. This isn’t specific to the FBS, but is a reality of any busy industry. The wedding industry in Banff is no exception. People are people. It’s a long wedding season and people get tired. This is precisely the reason why Troy and I embraced a low-volume business model.  Because of the sheer number of inquiries received and events orchestrated,  Fairmont staff are often swamped. Response times can be lengthier compared to smaller, less in-demand wedding venue options in the area. Having compassion when dealing with your wedding vendors will go a long way toward a successful experience.

That said, as a 5-star, world-class luxury resort, premium service is expected at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, and, I believe, delivered. 

Mt. Stephens Hall wedding venue is worthy of the word "Fairytale"

The many couples we have worked with who have gotten married here over the years consistently rave about their experiences, praise the event planners and staff they worked with and, without a doubt, felt their investment was worth every penny. Like Troy and me, they are raving fans and enthusiastically recommend the FBS to other couples searching for the perfect wedding venue.

This brings us to another frequently asked question—

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding Cost

How much does it cost to get married at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel?

That will depend on many factors—how large a wedding you’re planning, location, menu selections, be prepared to pay a premium.  In general, Banff is a highly popular wedding destination for couples and costs here are undeniably expensive.  Being a world-class luxury resort, you can expect that the Fairmont Banff Springs is going to be one of the priciest in the area.  That being said, the value for your investment is considerable and if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind location it simply can’t be beat.

Mt. Stephens Hall wedding viewed from upper hallway.

Dream Wedding at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Mt. Stephen Hall

According to the Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding Venue sites on Wedding Wire and Eventective, you can expect the following costs:

Wedding Ceremony at the Fairmont Banff Springs starting at $500 per event.

Fairmont Banff Springs will only host ceremonies if they are accompanied by a food and beverage function. We do not host ceremonies only. The below rental charges are subject to 5% GST.

Fairmont Banff Wedding Ceremony Venue Rental Fees:

• Strathcona Room 10 people or less | $500

• Angus Room 20 people or less | $750

• Norquay Room 50 people or less | $1,000

• Ivor Petrak Room 120 people or less | $3,000

• Mt. Stephen Hall 220 people or less | $5,500

• Alhambra Room 220 people or less | $5,500

• Cascade Ballroom 220 people or less | $5,500

• Outdoor Terrace 220 people or less | $6,000

Rental Includes:

• Ceremony rental is for a one (1) hour time period

• Set up and Teardown of BSH chairs, oak registry desk & chair and gift/guestbook table

• 2 Oak Pillars if required – Flowers to be provided by Bride and Groom

• Tissues, Water Station, and Coat Rack (no coat rack if the ceremony location is the Outdoor Terrace)

Banff bride getting ready at the Springs Hotel

Wedding at Banff Springs Hotel

Fairmont Banff Wedding Reception Venue Rental Rates 

All function rooms used for dinnser events have a minimum Food/Beverage revenue requirement as noted below. This includes all food/beverage consumed during your reception/dinner event including your hors d’oeuvres, dinner menu, wine with dinner, bar sales and late night snack but excludes the room rental fee. These rates are subject to 5% GST, 18% service charge, and 5% GST on the Gratuity Dollar Amount Food & Beverage Minimums:

• Strathcona Room – 12 guests max | $1,200

• Angus Room – 20 guests max | $ 2,500

• Norquay Room – 30 guests max | $ 4,000

• Ivor Petrak Room – 60 guests max | $ 8,000 + 1,000 rental fee

• Mt. Stephen Hall – 120 guests max | $17,000 + 1,500 rental fee

• Alhambra Ballroom – 220 guests max | $23,000 + 1,500 rental fee

• Cascade Ballroom/ Conservatory – 220 guests max | $27,000 + 1,500 rental fee

These prices are subject to change.

fairmont banff wedding costs

Getting married at the Fairmont Banff Springs: Final Thoughts

From my own personal experience as both a wedding client of the FBS and as a wedding professional who often photographs other people’s weddings, the Castle in the Rockies lives up to all the hype.  I have photographed weddings all over Canada and the world and the Fairmont Banff Springs is truly unique. It is a dream venue worthy of the word “fairytale”

"Surprise Corner" is a popular wedding photography spot in Banff.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel view from surprise corner in Banff, AB

Check out these Fairmont Banff Springs weddings from our  Burnett Photography YouTube Channel

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Wedding: Jessie & Matt

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Wedding: Faye & Charlie

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