Engagement pictures in Canmore Dog Park

Family Portrait Photography Banff, by Banff photographer, Shirleen Burnett

Paige & Ryan were looking for a good location for their engagement portraits.

“Are you allergic to dogs?” I asked. They assured me they were not, and so off to the Canmore dog park we went.  Everything about Canmore is beautiful and the dog park is no exception.  It’s an often overlooked gem of a location.  With fabulous mountain views in just about every direction, aspen glades, wolf willow, wildflowers and some of the best sunset light you can hope for, it can’t be beat for it’s variety.

I dream of bringing a bride here one day, but that dream quickly turns into a nightmare as I imagine some muddy dog jumping up on a bride in her gorgeous white gown….ok, some dreams aren’t meant to be realized, but I digress…

It had been a rainy week in the mountains and I was doubtful that we would catch the sun, despite scheduling our session around the best the weather had offered.  The morning turned out beautiful, but Paige had woke up feeling sick.  So we postponed our photo shoot, hoping she would be feeling better later in the day.

Then it began to rain. And rain. And rain some more.

Our rain policy is simple: if we can see the mountains and you want to go for it, we are right there by your side. 

Well, Paige wanted to go for it.  She had been excited about working with us for some time and didn’t want to miss out.  Rain or shine.

Thankfully, by the early evening, she was feeling better so we all agreed to meet in the parking lot of the dog park. Finding them was easy enough. Paige & Ryan were the ones without a dog, dressed handsomely in blue, looking like the epitome of youth and beauty.

Troy and I set up some lights and then watched in amazement as the stormy skies cleared, transforming before our eyes into one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a long time.  Big dramatic clouds, warm alpine glow.  Canmore put on her best for us.  

We spent 3 hours with Paige & Ryan, rolling around in the fields—watching out for poop!—in the woods, along the trail, through the wolf willow until we all agreed it was time for a beer.

And just as we packed up the last of our gear, the rain drops began to fall again.

Thank you, Paige & Ryan, for a delightful evening.  You two are a match made in heaven.  I firmly believe that it was your contagious happiness and unending smiles that changed the weather for our time together.

I hope you LOVE the pictures we made for you and I look forward to continuing this amazing journey with you at your wedding in the Canadian Maritimes next summer. Lobster rolls, here we come!!!


Shirleen Burnett