Engagement Photos at Vermillion Lakes, Banff

Engagement Photos at Vermillion Lakes, Banff

Kaede & Justin’s Engagement Photo shoot at Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park.

Kaede had wanted a red Mustang GT all her life. She was super thrilled to finally purchase one.  Now her fiance, Justin, has to share her heart with her newest love.

So long as he can drive it, I don’t think he minds.

When Kaede called me and explained that she wanted to have engagement photos made in Banff with the love of her life, I assumed she was talking about a human, but it was her recently purchased Mustang GT that she had in mind.  “I’ve always wanted this car”, she explained, “it took awhile but I finally bought one.”

We agreed that the car would look stunning against the blue sky and snow capped mountains at the Vermillion Lakes dock and scheduled a time for the photo shoot.

It took 3 re-schedules due to lousy weather, but as the saying goes, the third time is the charm…we finally had a perfect sunny day.

Kaede and Justin are big time Flames fans! We ended the session with a quick wardrobe change.

I think you could put Kaede in a paper bag and she would still look sexy!

Thank you, Kaede & Justin, for a fun photo session!


Troy & Shirleen Burnett