Elope in Banff

Family Portrait Photography Banff, by Banff photographer, Shirleen Burnett

Jessica & Nathan’s Banff Elopement

Nathan is like a rock. Solid, steadfast, decisive. His love, once given, is resolute. He is the kind of man that falls in love once, and forever.  At least that is how he struck me while I listened to him describe how he and Jessica met and fell in love. He had known he wanted to marry Jessica from the moment he saw her at the water cooler at work. For him, the days that lead up to their marriage in Banff were inevitable. That’s all he says about it.  That’s all he needs to say.  

He is a reserved man who holds his cards close to his chest.  He showed me his “poker face” and a foreboding sense that I was in trouble immediately overcame me.  “That’s a great poker face!” Troy and I chimed in together, duly impressed. 

Nathan would be a formidable opponent, but he’s also got an enormous heart and a huge tender side.  And that tenderness shows every time he looks at Jessica.

In telling her version of their love story, Jessica admits that he came on really strong.  The gleam in her eye as she recalled their first date tells me that she didn’t mind at all, and watching them together leaves no doubt that this romance was meant to be.

Their love is not flashy.  It’s not wild or crazy, nor is it impulsive or overtly passionate. It’s tender and unwavering.  It’s the kind of abiding love that endures.  

I love hearing a couple’s love story.  I learn so much about them in the passing of just a few words… and this can help us on the wedding day capture something enduring about the couple in their pictures.  Or so I hope.

It was lovely to be a part of Nathan & Jessica’s ceremony.   It was a simple, elegant affair officiated by the congenial Patrick Smiley at the Tunnel Mountain Reservoir.  The wind was blowing hard from the east and catching Jessica’s dress so beautifully.  She looked the epitome of a Greek goddess.  The awesome presence of Mt. Rundle reigned in the background, steadfast and absolute,  just like Nathan.

Jessica & Nathan, I hope these images did capture something of your unique love.  May the winds blow in your favor.  Thank you for choosing us to capture your day.  I look forward to hearing the good news and seeing the face of your beloved little one.


Shirleen Burnett