Cuban Wedding of Rob & Crystal

Wedding in Cuba: bride and groom Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba by Burnett Photography

Cuba Wedding in Cayo Santa Maria

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Rob & Crystal Lenhert were married on Jan 2, 2017 at the Warwick Cayo Santa Maria Resort in Cuba, and what an adventure it was for everyone!

This was Troy and my first visit to Cuba.  We were not disappointed. Cuba is an island lost in time and left behind by the internet, cell phones and many other staples of life that we have come to take for granted.   It was a refreshing break from the reality known to North Americans.

The people were fabulous.  Proud of their country’s achievements, despite U.S. policies against it, yet sober of the need for growth and development to ensure Cuba’s future.

When I left Rob & Crystal just 2 days ago, we all agreed that Cuba was a unique place—one where we would all like to return.  For Rob & Crystal, it will always have special meaning.

Read the full account of the wedding and our experience in Cuba HERE.


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