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Canmore Embody Pilates

Pilates on the Go! Go!

Canada Day in Canmore   There is no better harbinger of summer than a good holiday parade.  Canada Day or the Fourth of July—it’s all one when you’re a Yank living in Canada as Troy and I are! We had a great time photographing the parade with the staff and supporters of the Embody Pilates Studio in Canmore.  Bonny-Lynn Russell, with the help of very strong family and friends, loaded a flatbed trailer with signature Pilates equipment—Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac— […]

Canmore’s One White Wall Project comes to an end.

Canmore says goodby to Elevation Gallery’s One White Wall Project     Joe Martin’s installation of “The Dating Game” brings to an end the fabulous One White Wall project by Elevation Gallery in Canmore, AB. A heartfelt thank you to Cheryl Baxter and her wonderful staff for creating the project and seeing it through 24 art installations! Sincerely, Shirleen Burnett

A Song for Lake Louise

    Opera Singer Ericka Lee Sings Live at Lake Louise. Ericka Lee has the voice of an angel. You can hear for yourself in the video above. When she contacted me to do a portrait session while she sang at Lake Louise I was enchanted.  I thought that she would be performing at a show taking place in the area, but she was here on a much more intimate endeavor.  She had never been to the Canadian Rockies, but […]

Wedding Shower Surprise, Canmore Wedding photographers, Burnett Photography

A Surprise Wedding Shower for a Beloved Bride-to-be!

Basia Porczyk thought it would be a long and drawn out day of inventory at the Embody Pilates Studio.  After all, her boss and studio owner, Bonny-Lynn Russel, had insisted that she give up a Sunday to come in.   If you have ever been to the Embody Pilates studio and know Bonny-Lynn than you are privy to the fact that she is a warm, loving person with a heart of gold.  She is not only Basia’s boss, she is her […]

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