Award-winning Photographers

Award-Winning Photographers

“Best Photographers in Banff” —Lux Wedding Awards 2017 & 2018

“Best Wedding Photography Team: Canadian Rockies” —Global Wedding Awards

36 International awards for outstanding photography from some of the best associations in the industry Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), Master Photographers International (MPI) and the International Society Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP).

Recognized by WPPI as “an emerging photographer to watch” in 2017.

Nominated for “Photographer of the Year” 2017 by MPI.

See for yourself why we earned these prestigious awards and what that means for YOU.

“We looked like models!” —Lorena Landriault, Fort McMurry, AB

“They made my partner and me feel extremely comfortable – which I will admit is a challenge as I hate having my photo taken.”— Alex Briton, Calgary, AB

  • You will have us as your personal “glamour handlers” to guide & direct to look your best.

It’s totally natural and understandable to feel awkward and out of your element in front of a camera, unless you’ve been trained in the art of posing as are models. All our photographs are of real brides and grooms, not models, who were nervous & felt awkward when we began our photo session.

They all rocked it and you will too!

 Imagine being dropped into the kitchen of an impressive 5-star Michelin restaurant with no cooking experience— and expected to create a complicated souffle, with the clock ticking and the stakes high— let’s though in an influential food critique waiting to judge your results.

Who wouldn’t feel anxious at the task?

But if the chefs were there personally showing you what to do, had the best ingredients on hand and were totally invested in your success, I bet you’d make a killer souffle, impress the food critique, relish with gusto the fruits of your labour, and have great memories of the experience to boot.

That’s just the start of what we can do for you!

With our coaching, you will:

  • feel natural and confident in front of the camera
  • participate in creating your own personal works of art that you will feel proud of and cherish for a lifetime.
  • And most importantly, what may have been a stress on your mind and dampened the joy of your wedding day—posing for your portraits— will turn out to be a ton of fun!

Doesn’t that sound GREAT?


“I’m blushing looking at my own photos. I never knew I could do that let alone look like that! Your work is amazing and the experience was incredible, empowering, fun, liberating. I will never forget it!”—Amanda Pawson, Calgary AB

“My husband and I are a little awkward when we pose but they posed us perfectly and you would never know how awkward we actually are!” —Zoe Bauer, Edmonton, AB

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  • We know how to showcase both you and the epic scenery around you.
  • We are experts in lighting and stagecraft.
  • We use multi-light studio systems on location!

What does all this amount to?  Total freedom and independence to create as we desire in any weather or situation.

We haul studio lights to the tops of mountains so we can bath you in gorgeous “golden hour” light at any time of the day. It’s exhausting work, but we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Light is our poetry; it’s the tool for making signature art that stands above the rest.

We are not at the mercy of natural light. Photographers who only work with natural light are limited and their pictures prove it. Have you noticed just how many wedding pictures found on-line showcase the marriers, but the incredible scenery behind them lacks detail and color, if it is there at all!  Often its just a muted white blur.  That’s because, in order to capture both you and the colorful background, you need skillful lighting.

Why get married in a beautiful location and not showcase the spectacular scenery?


“We looked blissful in our wedding photos, our guests looked enchanted, and all that in the midst a weather chaos.” —Amelia Stratton, Bolinas, California

“From the moment we first contacted her, Shirleen was absolutely wonderful to work with. She worked with us to make sure that we get exactly what we wanted, and her suggestions were spot on what we were looking for.” —Brian Wai, Edmonton, AB

“Shirleen’s talent shines through her pictures but her sweetness is unmeasurable! I would highly recommend her and I am happy we had her on our wedding day. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made .” —Lorena Landriault, Fort McMurry, AB

Our images showcase both you and the spectacular scenery

  • Your wedding—one of the most significant days you will ever experience— will be captured in pictures that live up to the hype.
  • Your wedding pictures will evoke nostalgic tears when you see them, be the first things you grab if your house is on fire and the things your children will fight over having when you are old & gray.

This is what goes through our minds when we make pictures for you. Creating unusual and exciting pictures fuels our passion and we bust our asses to deliver pictures and products that look polished and strikingly different from the usual wedding photography offerings.

If your wedding pictures don’t mean as much to you, then we aren’t a good match for each other.

You can save yourself a lot of money by finding a cheaper photographer.


“We were absolutely shocked by how amazing ALL of her pictures turned out.” —Claudia & Jason Hagrave, Mississauga, ON

“Oh my goodness, Our wedding pictures are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen (biased yes but they are BEAUtIFUL!)

—Zoe Bauer, Edmonton, AB


“Shirleen & Troy put their heart and soul into our wedding and the pictures show it.” —Christina & Wayne, Calgary AB

“I just finished looking over our wedding pictures and there are literally tears in my eyes. The pictures are gorgeous! You captured so beautifully every moment. Everyone looks so beautiful. I will cherish these forever. ” Liesl & Craig, Calgary, AB

“Shirleen and her husband, Troy, worked as a team, and I have to say that hanging out with them was a joy. They made the experience fun and relaxing as they took us around to their favorite spots around Banff, including many areas we likely would not have seen had we been on our own” —Sarah Yang, San Francisco, CA

  • You will have the best of the areas most beautiful locations for your engagement and wedding portraits.
  • You can relax, knowing that from Banff’s most popular landmarks to hidden gems along a road less traveled, we can take you there.
  • You will have access to a rich variety of places to retreat to as back up should the weather turn bad or the crowds get too crazy.
  • I have already been stalked by a cougar. What are the odds of that happening again? Statistically, when it comes to having a wildlife encounter with a large carnivorous predator, I am the safest wedding photographer you can hire!

Wilderness. It’s what makes this area so unique.

Who knows the wilderness better than the director of the Wildland Field Studies Program, your very own photographer, Professor Troy Burnett? (Yes. He moonlights. I look the other way.)

Troy has spent countless hours surveying the movement of animals off the beaten path in the wildlife corridor between Canmore and Lake Louise. This has provided ample opportunity to discover beautiful, isolated locations for us to take our clients. We are always on the lookout for such hidden gems.

“Our wedding was in Lake Louis where Shirleen new all the best spots for photographs. She drove us around in her car (we didn’t have a car) to nearby lakes and specific spots. She would literally stop on the side of the road to take pictures with this exotic looking tree, or jump over bushes just to make sure the light and angle was right!”—Claudia Hargrave, Ontario, Canada

” The final photos are absolutely gorgeous, and her knowledge of the area helped in finding the perfect shot for the weather conditions. ” —Brian & Chung-Wai Lau, Vancouver, B.C.

We are at your service, excited to create an unforgettable experience for you and your partner regardless of your race, gender identity, sexuality, culture, religion, body or abilities.  That’s just how we roll.

“Shirleen and Troy have such a lovely spirit, still to this day, they are love birds after how many years of marriage?! Who wouldn’t want to be photographed by Love Birds on YOUR wedding day!” —Basia Marshall, Canmore, AB

  • You can relax knowing all your photographers are experienced, qualified professionals who work seamlessly together as a team.
  • You don’t have to worry about conflicts between 2 photographers who haven’t worked together before your wedding day! (Yes, this happens)
  • You enjoy all the benefits of having two creatives capturing every moment of your wedding in a rich variety of images and perspectives.

Everyone knows that two photographers are better than one. (Anyone telling you otherwise is fooling himself and YOU!) After working solo in the industry, I realized that despite all the creativity, passion and effort you put into your work, no one photographer can do a wedding justice. There is just too much going on for any one person to capture.

Two sets of eyes and two extra hands make the difference between a good job and a phenomenal one.

As a husband and wife team, you know exactly who & what you are getting. Troy and I have worked together for years, we’ve known each other for decades, we love and care about each other and work hard to realize our dream—which is to wow you with our images, kindness, and service.

This is a whole lot more than you can expect from a photographer who will hire a “second shooter” simply to make the numbers happen.

Check out this article on the benefits of having 2 photographers: Second Wedding Photographer—Do you need one?

“There are few people that can bring the best out in everyone they meet. Shirleen has that gift.” —Amelia Stratton, Bolinas, California

“Most of my comments from people who see our pictures are “is this even real?” and “these look like they came straight out of a magazine! They are that stunning.” —Stephanie Fox, Seattle, WA

“We didn’t have to worry about posing or getting creative shots or anything at all! We knew that they are amazing at what they do and we fully trusted them. Our images are absolutely gorgeous. They are unique, fun and sexy all at once. ” —Crystal Lehnert, Calgary, AB

  • You can relax knowing you are hiring talented and experienced award-winning creatives who won’t make a mess of your wedding day!
  • Your wedding pictures will be unique and exceptional.
  • Let’s face it, having your wedding pictures win awards and be published in magazines is fun.

Be it an hour portrait session or a multi-day wedding, We’re always pushing ourselves to create something outstanding for you.

If you want to have KICK ASS, amazing wedding pictures where you look like the cover of a magazine, then contact me via email, [email protected], use the short form on this page or call 403-678-4127.