Banff Wedding Photographer Tips: Express Yourself!

Banff Wedding Photographer Tips: Express Yourself

Banff Wedding Photographer Tips: Making unique wedding images

Wedding photography: we’ve all seem a lot of them.  Some are “must haves” — the bride and groom’s first kiss, newly weds first dance, bridal details, the grooms men straightening their ties.  There are lots of sites that offer opinions on the traditional shots you “can’t miss” and its a good idea to check them out and include the ones you most desire on a list for your photographer.   (Shutterbug has a lovely pdf you can download to make this easy.  Here is the link:  Wedding Photography Check List )

But how do you come up with ideas for wedding pictures that are unique and personally meaningful to you?  Its easier than you think, it simply requires, well….some thought.  Ask yourself some basic questions and brainstorm from there.   You can start as general or specific as you like:

  • What are my favorite colors, textures, moods, places?
  • Are there any things in particular I strongly dislike?  You would be surprised at how useful knowing your lest favorite things is to a photographer!
  • How would I describe myself ?  Playful or Serious? Sophisticated or casual?  Urban or rural?  Do I have nails that are perfectly manicured and shine like justice, or are they uneven and a little bit dirty?  Am I an indoor or an outdoor kind of person? Early riser or bedhead?
  • What do I do in my free time?  What landscapes relax and sooth me? Stimulate and excite me?
  • Do I love anything in particular?  Dogs, cats, horses, snow, skiing, cowboys, the opera, vintage clothing, pistachio ice-cream, red wine–you name it.  You get the idea.

Think about and, as well as you can, define both your and your future husband’s personality and style.  Now challenge yourself to take that information and describe it visually. Come up with a few key words that capture your essence.  Get some input on these questions from your close friends and family.   Discover how they describe you.  You may be bursting with ideas after this exercise or you may be wondering how on Earth this has anything to do with  your wedding photography.  If you are having trouble imagining how your unique personality traits translates into imagery, try using a few of your key words in a Google images search to see what comes up.  Add “weddings” to some of the key words and see if that brings up any images that inspire you.  Now, since it is your wedding photographers job to be the artist, the next step in this exercise is vital:

Share your ideas with your wedding photographer!

Communicating what you like and dislike can go a long way towards preventing disappointment and fuel inspiration towards creating unique wedding photos.    I encourage my future brides and grooms to share with me everything and anything that they feel passionate about.  This helps me envision ways to capture their personality in the images I make on their wedding day.

Here are a few examples of what a little bit of brainstorming with my bride & groom did to inspire some images with special meaning to them:

Still looking for ideas?  Check out this fun blog by the YesBabyDaily Team.

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