A Surprise Wedding Shower for a Beloved Bride-to-be!

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Basia Porczyk thought it would be a long and drawn out day of inventory at the Embody Pilates Studio.  After all, her boss and studio owner, Bonny-Lynn Russel, had insisted that she give up a Sunday to come in.   If you have ever been to the Embody Pilates studio and know Bonny-Lynn than you are privy to the fact that she is a warm, loving person with a heart of gold.  She is not only Basia’s boss, she is her close friend and maid-of-honor for her destination wedding coming up this May.   Unbeknownst to Basia, Bonny-Lynn had invited a gathering of her friends to the studio to celebrate her approaching wedding, and with the help of Basia’s fiance, Chris Marshall, the two of them had arranged to fly Basia’s mother, Marzena Szado, into town for the occasion.  Now, Canmore is a small town and keeping a secret can be something of a challenge, but Bonny-Lynn, Chris and Basia’s many friends managed to pull it off.  Admittedly, they had all been guilty of numerous counts of perjury, but in the end I think everyone would agree that it was all worth it to see the look of surprise on Basia’s face.

The celebration was catered by The Blake Food Group located at #8 Industrial Place in Canmore and the offerings were true to their vision of food being a culinary exploration and experience of new flavors and fusions.  Each bite was akin to my taste buds taking a brief, exciting vacation somewhere tasty and exotic!

Bonny-Lynn left no detail unattended, transforming what was already a beautiful pilates space into a garden of butterflies and flowers.  Basia was adorned with a wreath of roses and wildflowers with psychedelic wings to match.  She was truly a vision from Shakespeare’s Mid-summer Night’s Dream.

I can only imagine how beautiful she will look on her wedding day. 🙂

Check out the slideshow for a recap of the day.

All the images from Basia’s wedding shower can be viewed here.

Here is the full video of Basia’s arrival and surprise:


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