A Song for Lake Louise

A Song for Lake Louise

Opera Singer Ericka Lee Sings Live at Lake Louise.

Ericka Lee has the voice of an angel.
You can hear for yourself in the video above.

When she contacted me to do a portrait session while she sang at Lake Louise I was enchanted.  I thought that she would be performing at a show taking place in the area, but she was here on a much more intimate endeavor.  She had never been to the Canadian Rockies, but every day felt more and more drawn to visit  Lake Louise.  She was traveling all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina to “sing to the lake”.  The turquoise waters and beautiful energy of Lake Louise calls to me, she explained, I have to go there and sing.

For the Lake. For her spiritual guardian, the archangel Michael.  And for herself.

I understood.  Sometimes in our lives we are called upon to do inexplicable things in the name of grace.   For me, that meant leaving my studies at the University of New Hampshire for a year  in the late 1980’s and roaming around Asia, living with poor monks and listening in on talks by the Dalai Lama.  

Everyone has their path to walk.  I was honored Ericka had chosen me to join her for a short time while on her own.

In typical June fashion, the weather covered all 4 seasons in just a few hours, but I like to believe that it was Ericka who sang the snow into sunshine.

Thank you Ericka for an amazing afternoon at Lake Louise.  I will treasure it as I will treasure you as a new found friend. 

I hope your time here was everything you wished it to be…and more.

Want to learn more about Ericka?

Listen:  https://www.reverbnation.com/erickalee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/erickaleesings
Twitter: @erickaleesings

Ericka was generous in sharing her experience of the photo session.  Thank you, Ericka!