Monthly Archives: October 2018

Lake Louise Proposal

Jason’s proposal of marriage to Marina at beautiful Lake Louise, AB. Canada The early snow did nothing to deter Jason from dropping to his knee and proposing to Marina, his girlfriend of 8 years, yesterday at Lake Louise. The newly engaged couple arrived just a few days ago from Sydney, Australia.  Despite jet lag, time and temperature differences—it was Tuesday and 23 C in Oz and Monday and zero degrees in Lake Louise!— the happy couple was all smiles for the […]

Elopement Banff at Tunnel Mt. Reservoir

Elopement in Banff on Snowy October Day

Snowy October elopement in the Banff National Park Normally, when couples ask me about getting married in Banff in early October, I ooh and ahh about how beautiful it is at that time of year. The foliage is near perfect, the crowds have died down, the weather is sunny, dry and cool, and if you are lucky there will be a trace of snow on the mountain tops to complement the carnival of color on display in the trees of […]

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