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Canmore wedding, Quarry Lake, Burnett Photography

Spectacular Summer Wedding in Canmore

Jaclyn & Andrew’s Mountain Wedding at Beautiful Quarry Lake in Canmore, Alberta. Watch highlights from the day: Jaclyn and Andrew pledged themselves to each other in a scenic meadow filled with wildflowers just above Quarry Lake in Canmore on July 22,2016.  Locals of the area know that it has been a wet summer, but that Saturday the rain did not fall.  The sky, dark and dramatic, held its peace. The ceremony was officiated by Canmore local wedding commissioner Pam Barrett  who smiled and laughed […]

Lake Moraine,Engagement, Burnett Photography

Lake Moriane Engagement Session

Lake Louise is ridiculously beautiful. Lake Moraine is even more so! Lake Louise photographers have their jobs made easy by the perfect mountain backdrops found here.   In good weather or bad, the views always have something to offer. Today, it is perfect.   There is a sky so blue that it’s hard to believe it is real.  The sun is shining on the lake creating millions of tiny reflections, which sparkle like diamonds in the water. Troy and I […]

Banff Wedding at the Rimrock Hotel

Intimate wedding at the Rimrock, Banff AB

Rob & Elaine’s Rimrock Wedding, Banff, AB   It was a soggy Monday in the second week of July when I got a call from a client whose brother -in-law was getting married that Saturday and he hadn’t booked a photographer.  She wanted to give him a wedding  photography package as a gift and wanted to know if I was available.  I hadn’t booked a wedding for that date since I knew Troy was racing in the 24hrs. of Adrenaline Mt. Bike race, […]

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