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10 funky things to do with your dress after the wedding.

Bridal gowns are gorgeous works of art. My memories of trying on bridal gowns with my mother and my sister are still precious and vivid after 12 years.  I remember seeing myself in a mirror in the gown I finally decided on and breaking down in tears. It was only then that it hit me—the significance of my single life ending —the chapter of my life most familiar to me— and another, exciting yet foreign, chapter beginning.  It made the whole surreal experience of […]

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The Pros & Cons of Trash the Dress session.

Trash the dress sessions are becoming more and more popular.  For most beach destination weddings it seems to be a must; the appeal of a sunset portrait at the ocean’s edge is just too much to pass up when in the tropics.  I find even here in the Canadian Rockies,  brides & grooms are showing interest in a “Day After” portrait session, which is a more linguistically friendly term than “trash the dress”.  Is a “day after” portrait session right for you?  Here are […]

Banff Wedding Photographer has show, “Artist—Art—Artist”

“Artist—Art—Artist” by Banff  wedding photographer, Shirleen Burnett, is on exhibition in the One White Wall space at Elevation Gallery on MainSt. in Canmore until April 23, 2016.   Watch this short movie on the scene behind the show: Art is an amazing doorway into another world—a world we share, but as different as an alien planet because it is the world as experienced by another. Art is an intimate invitation to gaze into a fellow human’s heart and feel what they […]

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