10 funky things to do with your dress after the wedding

10 funky things to do with your dress after the wedding

Bridal gowns are gorgeous works of art.

My memories of trying on bridal gowns with my mother and my sister are still precious and vivid after 12 years.  I remember seeing myself in a mirror in the gown I finally decided on and breaking down in tears. It was only then that it hit me—the significance of my single life ending —the chapter of my life most familiar to me— and another, exciting yet foreign, chapter beginning.  It made the whole surreal experience of getting engaged and planning a wedding real for me.  

That feeling will never fade and it is what I think about when I see my wedding gown.  It is a visible, tangible vestment of all that was wonderful on my wedding day.

If you are like me your sentimental attachment to your wedding gown is STRONG.  But it battles a deeper need to reuse or recycle or DO SOMETHING with the gown other than have it gather dust and take up much needed room in my closet.

Here are 10 ideas for fun, funky or alternatively traditional things to do with your wedding gown after the wedding:

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1. Relive the Love.  Put it on again enjoy a romantic dinner with your husband. It could be on your anniversary, but doesn’t have to be. No one needs to know its not your wedding day and you can enjoy the thrill of being a bride again!

2. Have it altered by a  seamstress and turned into a less formal cocktail dress.  You can keep it white or dye it a dramatic color.

3. Throw a funky party for your girlfriends where you all wear your wedding gowns again!  Or have a ladies night out and hit the town. Give the locals something to smile about. Really, who could refuse?  Make sure to take heaps of selfies for Facebook.

4.  What better excuse to learn how to quilt than to make it a project to turn your wedding gown into one.  Not up for the task? Find a quilter and have it made for you.  It will be a family heirloom of a different sort.  

5. Have your dress made into sexy lingerie.   Book a boudoir session for your anniversary where you get to show off your new, saucy recycled nighty. Have an album made for your hubby and give him an anniversary, or valentine’s day, present to remember!


6. Find your inner artist.  Use your wedding gown material in an art project.  Create something interesting to hang on your walls.

7. Expecting a baby?  Your wedding gown can be made into a christening outfit, a sentimental baby blanket,  a stuffed animal , curtains, frilly pillow cases and other personally symbolic nursery decor.

8. Use the fabric to make an elegant table cloth and/ or table runners to be used on special occasions.  It makes a nice compliment to your wedding china.

9. Donate your dress to charity.  There are many ways a wedding dress can change a person’s life and bring joy to someone in need.


The Brides Project is a charitable organization with two very important purposes: to provide every bride with the things she needs for a beautiful wedding within her budget, and to support cancer charities by donating all their profits. Check it out at http://thebridesproject.com/

10. And last, but not least, my own personal favorite: Book a Trash the Dress session with a talented photographer.  The images created from these fun photo sessions are priceless.  You can go all out like the couple below, or have a more subdued experience and still keep your dress for future generations or even a few of the other ideas above!


Does a Trash the Dress session inspire you? Read more here

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