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Bride & Groom getting ready for thier wedding, Canmore wedding photographers

10 funky things to do with your dress after the wedding.

Bridal gowns are gorgeous works of art. My memories of trying on bridal gowns with my mother and my sister are still precious and vivid after 12 years.  I remember seeing myself in a mirror in the gown I finally decided on and breaking down in tears. It was only then that it hit me—the significance of my single life ending —the chapter of my life most familiar to me— and another, exciting yet foreign, chapter beginning.  It made the whole surreal experience of […]

Eco-Friendly Weddings: Tips to green your white wedding.

Green weddings…is it possible to have the wedding of your dreams and be environmentally responsible?   That is what savvy, socially conscientious brides and grooms are asking these days.  And with good reason. Did you know that the average wedding produces 63 tons of carbon dioxide and generates 400-600 pounds of garbage! When multiplied by the more than 150,000 weddings per year in Canada and 2.5 million in the United States, its enough to make you consider  donning a burlap sack and eloping […]

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