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Canmore Embody Pilates

Canada Day in Canmore


There is no better harbinger of summer than a good holiday parade.  Canada Day or the Fourth of July—it’s all one when you’re a Yank living in Canada as Troy and I are!

We had a great time photographing the parade with the staff and supporters of the Embody Pilates Studio in Canmore.  Bonny-Lynn Russell, with the help of very strong family and friends, loaded a flatbed trailer with signature Pilates equipment—Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac— and proceeded to demonstrate “the zest & joy” of Pilates movement while traveling down Main St. in the Canada Day Parade.  

For once, our kids got their wish and were able to accompany mom & dad on a photoshoot.  They had the important task of passing out the candy, which they took to with relish.  

Everyone gets to be a kid again on Canada Day!

Images from the parade can be downloaded compliments of Burnett Photography:


Let the summer begin…!



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