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Moraine Lake engagement session with Banff wedding photographers, Burnett Photography.

Moraine Lake Wedding Proposal

Moraine Lake Wedding Proposal Photographing surprise wedding proposals usually involves a good deal of secrecy, hiding in bushes and not being seen. Tyler’s Moraine Lake marriage proposal was a little out of the ordinary…  Moraine Lake is one of the most beautiful locations in all of the Canadian Rockies.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world. As such, it’s no surprise that it’s often very crowded.  Having seen the iconic view in so many pictures, Tyler had […]

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Mountain Top Marriage Proposal

An Unforgettable Mountain Top Wedding Proposal.   Looking for a killer way to propose to your sweetheart?   Check out Sam’s spectacular mountaintop marriage proposal!   Sam called me on Monday asking me if we were available on Friday to photograph his marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Sam. “HELL YES!”  was my answer, because I adore hiding in bushes and secretly snapping away at unsuspecting future brides. But it got better. Wanting to do something unforgettable, Paul was planning to […]

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Banff National Park: How Canada 150 Affects Your Wedding Day

The Banff National Park will hold special challenges for brides & grooms this year. Your dream wedding in Banff is all prepared and you are excited to be getting married in the beautiful Banff National Park this summer.  What you may, or may not know, is that Canada at large, is gearing up for a major party as well—Canada 150. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada’s  becoming a confederation, and to celebrate the Canadian government has offered free admission […]

Banff wedding photographer, Troy Burnett on location in Cuba.

Second Wedding Photographer— Do You Need One?

One wedding photographer vs. Two: The Pros & Cons. Whether or not you should have a second wedding photographer cover your wedding is a hot topic for brides and grooms today.  Wedding photographers who work alone swear that a second photographer is not necessary and just as passionately, photographers who work in pairs think those photographers are crazy! In this article, I will outline the pros and cons of both opinions so you can choose for yourself.   Why have […]

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Romantic marriage proposal in Banff National Park

Romantic marriage proposal in the Banff National Park Sebastian’s romantic marriage proposal to Brenda took place on a secluded bridge in the forest of the Fenlands Trail in the Banff National Park. Steeped in enchantment and surrounded by natural beauty, Brenda made his dreams come true with one simple word, “yes”. Click to watch video:   One of the best perks of being a wedding photographer is experiencing the emotional impact and intensity of some of the greatest moments in […]

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Engagement Photos at Vermillion Lakes, Banff

Engagement Photos at Vermillion Lakes, Banff. Kaede & Justin’s Engagement Photo shoot at Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park. Kaede had wanted a red Mustang GT all her life. She was super thrilled to finally purchase one.  Now her fiance, Justin, has to share her heart with her newest love. So long as he can drive it, I don’t think he minds. When Kaede called me and explained that she wanted to have engagement photos made in Banff with the love of her […]

Banff Engagement Photos: Bulldogs and Sexy Red Satin!

What do bulldogs and sexy red satin have in common?   Adrienne and Elie and their Banff engagement photos! I love animals…dogs, cats, koala bears, dragons… You name it. I love it. There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m on my computer editing that I don’t have to move some animal out of my way to see the screen. So when Adrienne and Elie called me and asked if I would include their 2 bulldogs, Diesel and Breeze, […]

Winter Elopement in Banff National Park

Winter Elopement in Banff National Park

Jessica & Ben’s Wild, Winter Elopement in the Banff National Park Click to start the video. Jessica & Ben wanted to get married on their own terms.  They wrote their vows themselves.  They declined to have a wedding commissioner or minister do the honors. There were no guests, no fanfare, no fuss, no stress. Just the natural beauty of the mountains in the park as the “venue” and Troy and myself as their witnesses.   There is power in simplicity, in being […]

Fairmont Banff Springs Shotgun Wedding

Fairmont Banff Springs Shotgun Wedding!

Click to watch the video highlights of Donna & Matt’s Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding. Weddings are exciting events in and of themselves, but Donna & Matt had an even bigger surprise planned for their family than just getting married! When Donna and Matt contacted us about being the photographers for their wedding at the Fairmont Banff Springs, they had a catch that made the job simply irresistible.  At some point during the day, they were going to announce to their unsuspecting guests that […]

Cuba Destination Wedding

Cuba Destination Wedding Video. Click to watch! Cuba is exotic, hot, left behind and lost in time.   The perfect place for a sultry destination beach wedding. Rob & Crystal treated their family and friends to a unique wedding experience at the all-inclusive resort, The Warwick Cayo Santa Maria, on a small island off the coast of Northern Cuba. The cayos (keys) make up a larger archipelago that is part of a protected marine sanctuary called the Jardines del Rey (The King’s Garden). […]

Wedding in Cuba: bride and groom Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba by Burnett Photography

Cuban Wedding of Rob & Crystal

Cuba Wedding in Cayo Santa Maria Click to watch teaser video: Rob & Crystal Lenhert were married on Jan 2, 2017 at the Warwick Cayo Santa Maria Resort in Cuba, and what an adventure it was for everyone! This was Troy and my first visit to Cuba.  We were not disappointed. Cuba is an island lost in time and left behind by the internet, cell phones and many other staples of life that we have come to take for granted.   It was […]

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding of Rhea & Jeff

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel was the perfect romantic backdrop for the intimate wedding of Rhea & Jeff.  Who doesn’t want to get married in a castle? The couple had traveled from Saginaw, Michigan in the U.S.A. along with an intimate group of family to celebrate their nuptials in the beautiful Bow Valley of Alberta,Canada. And what a journey it had been—one of the couple’s family members  had to take “planes, trains & automobiles” so to speak, to get to the […]

Lake Moraine Portrait Session

Lake Moraine is a beautiful place to get married or have a portrait session.  Watch highlights from our day in this video: Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake in the Banff National Park, 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.  It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 6,183 feet (1,885 m). It is beautiful. Troy and I have been fortunate to have had our share of weddings, elopements and engagement sessions […]

Wedding Anniversary Portrait Tour in Banff National Park

Wedding anniversary photo tour in Banff, AB  Banff wedding photographers, Troy & Shirleen Burnett, Burnett Photography.   Sarah & Yudong are still newly weds at heart.   After 20 years of marriage they can’t get enough of each other! Being a wedding photographer, it is refreshing to see this other side of marriage—the calm and natural feel of a love that has withstood the test of time. The ease and gentleness that are the graceful results of decades being together. We took these lovebirds on a […]

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Photo Booth Adds Priceless Entertainment to Wedding Reception!

Photo Booth for Katie & Justin’s Wedding Reception at The Rimrock Hotel in Banff, AB. Watch the fun in this short movie: Photo booths are a fun way to energize a wedding reception and galvanize your guests into laughter and mayhem.   Bride and groom, Katie & Justin, along with their friends and family, had a blast donning silly accessories, Star Wars masks and mullet wigs at their wedding celebration held at the Rimrock Hotel in Banff. For 2 hours, I had the pleasure of […]

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Spectacular Summer Wedding in Canmore

Jaclyn & Andrew’s Mountain Wedding at Beautiful Quarry Lake in Canmore, Alberta. Watch highlights from the day: Jaclyn and Andrew pledged themselves to each other in a scenic meadow filled with wildflowers just above Quarry Lake in Canmore on July 22,2016.  Locals of the area know that it has been a wet summer, but that Saturday the rain did not fall.  The sky, dark and dramatic, held its peace. The ceremony was officiated by Canmore local wedding commissioner Pam Barrett  who smiled and laughed […]

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Lake Moriane Engagement Session

Lake Louise is ridiculously beautiful. Lake Moraine is even more so! Lake Louise photographers have their jobs made easy by the perfect mountain backdrops found here.   In good weather or bad, the views always have something to offer. Today, it is perfect.   There is a sky so blue that it’s hard to believe it is real.  The sun is shining on the lake creating millions of tiny reflections, which sparkle like diamonds in the water. Troy and I […]

Banff Wedding at the Rimrock Hotel

Intimate wedding at the Rimrock, Banff AB

Rob & Elaine’s Rimrock Wedding, Banff, AB   It was a soggy Monday in the second week of July when I got a call from a client whose brother -in-law was getting married that Saturday and he hadn’t booked a photographer.  She wanted to give him a wedding  photography package as a gift and wanted to know if I was available.  I hadn’t booked a wedding for that date since I knew Troy was racing in the 24hrs. of Adrenaline Mt. Bike race, […]

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Canmore Wedding of Zoe & Mike

Canmore Wedding of Zoe & Mike Watch highlights from their wedding:   Michael & Zoe were married on July 9, 2016 at the Our Lady of the Rockies church in Canmore, AB.   A congenial and ever smiling Father Wilbert Chin Jon presided over the ceremony giving the newly weds his blessing along with sound advice on not just being “in love” but partaking of “heroic love”.  The kind of love that understands that relationships aren’t always convenient but can be […]

Canmore Embody Pilates

Pilates on the Go! Go!

Canada Day in Canmore   There is no better harbinger of summer than a good holiday parade.  Canada Day or the Fourth of July—it’s all one when you’re a Yank living in Canada as Troy and I are! We had a great time photographing the parade with the staff and supporters of the Embody Pilates Studio in Canmore.  Bonny-Lynn Russell, with the help of very strong family and friends, loaded a flatbed trailer with signature Pilates equipment—Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac— […]